Free Beginner Song - Banjo in the Hollow

If you follow our beginner skills section you could be playing this song in less than 30 days!! Practice consistently and follow our simple step-by-step plan!

Banjo in the Hollow – Main Lesson


Background on Banjo in the Hollow:


Banjo In the Hollow, unlike most of the beginner songs we’re using, isn’t a traditional song. It was written by the Doug Dillard, banjo player of the pioneering Los Angeles-based bluegrass band the Dillards, and was featured on their 1963 debut album, “Back Porch Bluegrass”. They became known for their appearances on “The Andy Griffith Show” in the early 60s and are widely considered to be the earliest proponents of the burgeoning Southern California folk rock/country rock genres in the late ’60s, influencing such artists as Linda Ronstadt, the Byrds and the Eagles.

Focus Videos Help Drill Tough Sections

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The Neck (Left Hand) %50 speed

Pickin’ (Right Hand) 50% speed

You Will Read Tablature!

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Banjo In the Hollow