Bluegrass Courses

01 Bluegrass Beginner Skills

Go from never having held a banjo to playing your first song in this step-by-step course.

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02 Bluegrass Beginner Songs

You'll learn 19 of the best beginner bluegrass songs from Tom Dooley to Cluck Old Hen.

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Fingerpicks scraping the banjo head surface

03 Bluegrass Intermediate Skills

You'll learn intermediate skills like four finger inversions, harmonics, embellishments and much more.

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04 Bluegrass Intermediate Songs

Now we move into more interesting territory with 15 intermediate songs that are more melodic and sophisticated.

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05 Bluegrass Advanced Skills

You've come a long way if you've made it this far! Now for some advanced skills from classic licks to bluesey backups.

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06 Bluegrass Advanced Songs

These advanced songs will WOW those around you. We've got 15 greats like Saint Anne's Reel and Fisher's Hornpipe. They are challenging and deeply rewarding!

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