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“Red River Valley” is a folk song and country music standard believed to be of Canadian origin. The song dates back to the latter part of the nineteenth century and expresses the sorrow of a local woman as her soldier lover prepares to return to the east. Since its inception, it has become a folk classic and has been covered in country, bluegrass and pop genres by a wide range of artists including Gene Autry, Woody Guthrie, Bill Haley, Johnny Cash, the Ventures and Leonard Cohen.


1) Make sure that when you’ve finished the first ending (measure 17), you go back to the beginning of measure 2 (where the repeat sign is) and NOT back to measure 1.

2) At 17:15 (measure 18) I say to pick the open third string with your index finger. This should actually be done with your thumb, as indicated in the tablature.

Half Speed

If you need to slow things down a bit

The Neck (Left Hand) 50% speed

Pickin’ (Right Hand) 50% speed

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Red River Valley