Lessons & Pricing

How many lessons do you have?

We have 200+ video lessons taking you from never having held a banjo to advanced playing. Just follow the lessons in order.

How are your courses structured?

Our courses follow one after the other, in order, from beginner to advanced.

You start with the basic skills. Once you have the foundation of basic skills, you can choose whichever beginner song you want to start with or you can follow them in order (recommended).

Do you teach Bluegrass and Clawhammer?

We do! We have beginner, intermediate and advanced courses in both Bluegrass and Clawhammer Styles.

Just follow the lessons in order.

How much does it cost?

We have three great options for you! An annual, 3-month and month-to-month subscription to get you access to all lessons!

Subscription Options

Do you have tablature?

All songs come with tablature! If you don’t know how to read tablature we teach you in the beginner skills course.

You can also download the tablature and print it up if you prefer.

Can I download and print tablature?

Yes you can! There is a download button with each piece of tab.

Do you offer live lessons?

We do not offer live one-on-one lessons. But we offer incredible value with our library of courses and lessons at the price point we charge. Paying teachers for one-on-one video lessons is not feasible.

Can I get feedback from the teacher?

It is not financially feasible to offer one-on-one feedback at the incredible price point we offer.

How does playback of your lessons work?

When watching a video lesson you can adjust the speed, but you can also use the measure markers to jump to a specific measure.

This makes joins the video lesson and tablature in a more impactful way and makes it easy for you to jump to a specific part of the lesson you are working on via the tab.

Account & Payment

How do I cancel my account?

Simply head to your account page, then click on “Cancel” and follow the prompts on the following page. You will continue to have access to all lessons for however many days/months are remaining, that you’ve paid for.

Go to Account Page

How do I upgrade my account to save money?

Simply go to your account page. Here you can see the details of your current subscriptions and upgrade to whichever subscription you choose, to save money. 

Go to Account Page

What form of payment do you take?

We take two types of payment:

1. Credit card (we use Braintree which is used by tens of thousands of companies and completely secure).

2. Paypal (when you click on this option you’ll be taken to paypal where you’ll login and then be re-routed back to Banjo Mountain).

Do you have a trial subscription?

We do not typically offer a trial subscription. Our price point is one of the best values to learn banjo on the web. We offer month-to-month subscriptions for those who aren’t ready to make the commitment.

Can I buy a subscription for someone else?

This is something we are working on but don’t currently offer. We hope to offer it very soon in the future. 


Can I learn to play banjo if I'm 70+?

Absolutely! We’ve had folks well into their eighties learn banjo. We also believe it’s important for everyone to continue to grow throughout their life! So start learning now!

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Is learning banjo as hard as people say?

No. Most people who say banjo is hard don’t play banjo. 

There are instruments much more difficult to learn to play, than banjo. 

The banjo is very unique and confuses people who play other instruments (i.e. guitar players). But once you break down it’s basical components, and practice of course, you’ll be playing your song in no time.

We’ve seen people learn songs in as little as a couple of weeks. While your mileage will vary, it can be done and be done easily. 

Do I need a banjo before I start?

You can’t learn to play the banjo without a banjo. However, you can get started on the basic concepts in the beginner skills section.

If your excitement is high, start! Even your commitment of subscribing will force you to follow through. Then go get your banjo tomorrow.

You don’t need a banjo to see how to properly hold one as well as other key concepts in the beginner skills course. In fact, watching the lessons ahead of time may even help you avoid some initial bad habits.

But then you really should go get a banjo. :)

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Can I use Banjo Mountain on my phone?

You can.

However, if you’re not in your 20’s (or early 30’s) we don’t recommend the phone other than in a pinch (we often use our phone to access the chord book as well as other tools).

Ideally a tablet or computer is best. If you have a large monitor, even better! 


I can't login

On the login page is a Reset My Passord link. Click on that, enter the email address you use for Banjo Mountain.

You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t see the email in your inbox, make sure to check your junk mail and trash. Some servers are very aggressive with email they don’t know.

If you can’t get the issue resolved, email [email protected] to have it manually reset to something that isn’t sensitive (like your bank password).  

I can't find the tablature

On a given lesson page, you will see the lesson video. Above the video are two tabs: “Lesson” and “Materials.” Click on the “Materials tab and you will see the tablature. You can download it using the download button at the top of the pdf.