How Much Time To Practice? Everyday!

I’m often asked by students how much time they should be putting into their banjo playing each day.  This depends on many things: how much time you’re able and willing to commit to disciplined, goal-oriented practice, how busy your days are, your priorities with regard to work and family, etc.   While it will be ultimately up to you to decide, the simple fact remains: the more time you put into your practicing, the quicker you’ll improve.  If you’re dead set on improving your picking within, say, a year’s time, see if you’re able to commit to an hour of practice a day.   If you lead a busy life and your free time is constrained, rather than making promises you can’t keep you should simply commit to picking up your banjo at least once a day regardless of how long you play it.  You might take it out, strum a few chords or play a couple of rolls and that could be it.  The idea is simply to pick it up every day.  You could do this whenever you have a free moment – as many times  throughout the day as you want.   Sure, you may not have time for a regular practice session, but you can still commit to sitting down with your instrument for a few stolen minutes out of the day.  The point here is to not give in to complacency!

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