how Banjo Mountain works


Banjo Mountain is a Bluegrass and Clawhammer School

Each school has beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses designed to take you from a complete beginner, into advanced playing.

Each course is composed of video lessons you follow, one after the other, at your own pace.

Each song has tablature and we teach you how to read it (It’s simple!).

Members get access to all lessons in both schools!
(We do not offer live lessons as they are cost prohibitive.)

Banjo Mountain is a community

Members have access to the Banjo Mountain Forum where we share our practice routines, pictures of our banjos, banjo maintenance tips, inspirational banjo artists we are listening to, and talk about practice challenges and solutions.
Banjo Mountain Forum Mobile

Monthly Practice Competition

Members have access to the Banjo Mountain Monthly Competition.

When you join you are assigned a song to learn in one month and then submit a video of you playing that song. Our teacher gives you feedback as well as the other participants which is edited into the Monthly Competition video that all members can learn from!

See an example below:

Join Our Monthly Virtual Meetup

Every month we have a zoom-style meetup in which members can join and share, in a round-robin style, what songs they’ve been working on or anything banjo related. Fuel your banjo inspiration and meet others who love banjo as much as you do!

Which Will You Learn?

Once you join Banjo Mountain, you will choose which style of banjo you will learn (perhaps you’ll learn both in the long run but you’ll start with one style). Read on to learn more about both styles.